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I am a Listener

Ballots have arrived and decision time is here. People are hungry for information about the candidates for the three open TTSD board positions. Here is a little bit more about what I bring to the table.

Qualification 3: I am a listener

The disconnect between the district, school administrators, teachers, their union, children and their families during the past year of Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) has been both enlightening and alarming. We have a lot of work to do to heal from the last year. I believe that active listening and calm, frequent engagement will be key to strengthening these critical communication channels as we rebuild the bonds of trust in our community.

My 25+ years of professional experience in Human Resources and customer support along with my long history of community involvement helped me build the knowledge and relationships critical to this moment in TTSD schools. We are facing truly unprecedented times that have pushed us further into our own “bubbles” at the very moment we need to be listening more closely to each other.

I'm listening.

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